Worship & Study Opportunities

Worship is what Christianity is all about—worshipping God as Lord and Master of our lives. Each worship opportunity at Crown of Life is treated as a CELEBRATION experience. We celebrate who we are, and Whose we are! Great effort is placed into each celebration experience to make it a spiritually energizing event.

Because we are a diverse congregation, hailing from approximately 40 states, we have all experienced a variety of worship styles. Sensitive to this reality, our worship services offer a blend of dignified worship formats. The Communion Sundays (second and fourth Sundays) and Communion Saturdays (first and third Saturdays) use traditional liturgical patterns, while the remaining Sundays/Saturdays offer Creative Worship variations.



Sundays (Winter and Summer schedules)

Our Winter schedule (January – April) includes two worship hours: 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM with both services identical in structure. Our Summer schedule (May – December) influenced by a substantial exodus toward cooler climates, unites us into a single worship hour beginning at 9:00 AM.


A 4:00 PM worship time is ideal in meeting the needs of those who have difficulty getting around in the morning and at the same time allows those who worship to get back home before dark.

Seasons (Lent/Advent)

You will find Lent (a six-week preparation for Easter) and Advent (a three-week preparation for Christmas) both utilize a 4:00 PM Wednesday worship time and are considered very important in Crown of Life’s worship life. Each season is introduced with a very specific theme designed to bring us closer yet in our spiritual journey with God.



Pastor Mirly’s Devotional Thought

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Daily Devotion November 1
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Sunday Bible Studies

The study of God’s Word is very important at Crown of Life. Each Sunday study opportunities are provided—led by our Pastors. We hope you will join your fellow Christians in lively discussions of God’s Word! Bible Class meets on Sunday at 10:15 AM.

Weekday Bible Studies

  1. Monday — each Monday at 9:30 AM, a spirited group of women meet for a lay-led Bible study and prayer in our church library. (Meeting via Zoom and in the Parish Hall)
  2. Wednesday — On Wednesdays at 9:30 AM, one of our Pastors leads us in a variety of Bible study topics, sometimes utilizing videos in the process. (Meeting in Parish Hall)
  3. Friday — Men’s Bible Study — 1st & 3rd Friday at 9:00 AM, led by one of our Pastors. (currently meeting via Zoom)
  4. Friday — Bible Basics — each Friday at 10:30 AM, led by one of our Pastors. (Meeting in Parish Hall)
  5. Home Devotions — At Crown of Life we strongly encourage daily home devotions, providing copies of Portals of Prayer for home use.