A World of Doubts – 4/10/2021

A World of Doubts – 4/10/2021

Thomas got a bad rap, didn’t he? We call him Doubting Thomas, and the truth is, he only doubted for a week. On the second Sunday after Easter he was present when Jesus came, again, into that locked upper room in Jerusalem where the Apostles had gathered in fear. On that Sunday Thomas saw and touched the wounds that proved Jesus was alive – and his doubt was gone.

The world today certainly doubts. The world doubts that there could have been such a thing as the Son of God, that He might indeed have risen from the dead as He promised to do. How sad it is that folks don’t read, in the New Testament, the eyewitness accounts of resurrection found there. Matthew and Mark, Peter and John, James the brother of Jesus, Paul to whom Jesus came in a way we don’t understand but which changed Paul forever.

I pray that as you read those accounts of the historical fact of resurrection, that your doubts are assuaged, that you take comfort that the Word of the Lord is true. When we look beyond the doubts of the human condition – after all we’ve never seen anything like resurrection have we? – and read of the truth of that amazing event, we can look into the future the risen Christ has for us, a life lived in eternity with Him. Don’t stop studying – Scripture is intended to be read and read again. But leave your doubts behind, and put yourselves into the hands of the Risen Christ! Alleluia! He is Risen!

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