All Saints Day – 10/31/2020

All Saints Day – 10/31/2020

This weekend we recognize All Saints Day. In these days we remember, and give thanks for the faith of, all those Christians who have gone on before us, now dwelling with the Lord in the heavenly realms. What’s it like up there, anyway?

Scripture offers few glimpses into what heaven will be like. We know that God gave us everything in His Word He deemed necessary for us, everything we need to understand His will for our lives, the gift of His Son, His love for us – in short all of the revealed knowledge of Him, found in the Bible, He knows we need. Now, for us stuck here for now, it can seem a little thin, can’t it? Hey, Lord, what about this? How about that? He is silent on so much of the detail we think we need. So it is clear He intends for us to wonder, to anticipate, to hunger for the reality of Heaven.

Today Rev. Dr. Ray Mirly takes us to Revelation 7 to join the apostle John in the very throne room of heaven. What a sight, the saints in white gathered under the throne! What sounds he hears made by the choir of angels! John is overwhelmed by God’s grace in giving him the opportunity to experience things no earth-bound human before or since has experienced.

And John records it for us, to read in the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, the book we call Revelation. So much in that book can be confusing and mysterious, referring as it does to events yet to come to pass. Now, you and I know we live in End Times, and we look around the events of these days and wonder, is this prophesied by John? Of Revelation 7 we need not wonder – John gives it to us as he saw it. Awesome, real, reassuring. May God bless your week as you contemplate Revelation!

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