July 14 – Daily Devotional

July 14 – Daily Devotional




Hebrews 13:2 “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”


The dictionary definition of hospitality is, “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.”  You have probably entertained guests and visitors, especially relatives in your home.  The third group mentioned in this mentioned in today’s devotional verse, namely strangers, have rarely if ever been entertained by you, have they?

Jewish culture at the time Jesus was on earth and for centuries thereafter, expected you to entertain guests, visitors, and strangers.  There were no hotels or motels in those days.  We do know some towns had inns because Mary and Joseph tried to find a room in an inn in Bethlehem.

The Biblical Greek word for hospitality meant “the love of strangers.”  The writer to the Hebrews is urging his readers/hearers to serve God as a holy priestly community.  Remember, in chapter 12:28-29, he exhorted them to “have God’s grace as the means by which they served God in a pleasing way.  One of those ways was to show “hospitality,” that is, love to strangers.”  As the Christian community received God’s holiness it was to reflect what they had received through their personal, loving relationships with all people with whom they came in contact.

Loving strangers is closely related to the “brotherly love” mentioned in Hebrews 13:1.  Klenig, in his commentary on Hebrews wrote, “Hospitality to strangers was prized in the ancient world because foreigners were especially vulnerable to exploitation since they had no legal status or protection in any alien community.  When a family offered hospitality to them, they became honorary members of that household for as long as they stayed there; they came under the sacrosanct protection of that family and their god.”

The writer reminded the Hebrews congregation that in the past Abraham and his nephew Lot had received angels as guests in their homes.  Since their congregation belonged to the “heavenly realms,” holy angels would be their companions and minister to them as heirs of salvation. Angels and the saints are part of your congregation.  God sends them to minister to you.  (Hebrews 12:22)

Prayer:  Create in me, O Lord, a love for all people, especially filling my heart with a love for strangers.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


We are your people, Spirit of grace

Joined in community, treasured and fed,

Rich in diversity, help us to live

Glad of tradition, help us to see


You dare to make us to all our neighbors

May we discover gifts in each other

Closer than neighbors, open to strangers

In all life’s changing where you are leading,


Christ’s living voice, hands, and face;

Willing to lead and to be lead;

Able to clash and forgive;

Where our best efforts should be;


Christ’s living voice, hands, and face;

Willing to lead and to be lead;

Able to clash and forgive;

Where our best efforts should be;


Give as we venture justice and care

(Peaceful, resisting, waiting or risking)

Wisdom to know when and where;

Wisdom to know when and where.


Spirit, unite us; make us by grace,

Willing and ready, Christ’s living body,

Loving the whole human race;

Loving the whole human race.

(Bryan Wren, 1975  Printed words used with permission under CCLI#1600874)





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