Do You See God’s Signal Lights? – 12/16/2020

Do You See God’s Signal Lights? – 12/16/2020


Welcome to the last of our Advent Wednesday services, and thank you for sticking with us on these mid-weeks – it isn’t easy, with everything else that’s going on in your lives, to devote some time to worship.

Remember Red Light/Green Light, the game when you were kids? Pastor Ermeling this afternoon takes through the very real red light and yellow light and green light Joseph confronted as he became aware his betrothed had somehow come to be with child. What a dilemma for him!

And in a dream the angel came to Joseph to comfort and reassure him. The stop sign became again a go sign. What are God’s signals to you in the challenges of your life? Are we listening closely enough to Him to understand Him? Or has our propensity to sin combined with the craziness of life caused us to miss His obvious traffic lights?

As we prepare for Christmas in this Advent season, let’s all slow down enough to see God’s signals – and then obey the signs he gives us. In the quiet of Advent, let’s listen and watch for Him. May God bless us all as Christmas draws nearer!


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