Like Mary – 12/19/2020

Like Mary – 12/19/2020

Chuck Swindoll in his book “Finishing Touch” writes, “Surprises come in many forms and guises: some good, some borderline amazing, some awful, some tragic, some hilarious. But there’s one thing we can usually say – surprises aren’t boring.”

Today we focus on one of the greatest surprises that ever happened. It took place when an angel by the name of Gabriel appeared to a young teenager by the name of Mary.

What does an angel’s visit mean to a believer?  It means that the Almighty – the Lord – the Maker of Heaven and Earth – is involved in his or her life.

Like Mary, We too are called to be part of something that will last forever. Mary’s role is reprised in the lives of every single believer. We – mere mortals and sinners – are invited to have Jesus live in and through us. God makes Jesus’ Cross and Resurrection ours through faith. Like Mary, we are invited to make room for Jesus. When Jesus comes into our lives – He makes us part of God’s plan. God makes us part of the company of heaven with the angels and saints.

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