Living in a Divided World – 6/14/2020

Living in a Divided World – 6/14/2020

In Matthew 10 Jesus sends out The Twelve, with His authority to heal and to preach the good news that The Kingdom of Heaven is Near. He sent them out with nothing, expecting that those who received them would care for their worldly needs just as the Twelve were addressing the spiritual needs of those who would listen.

He sent them into a divided world, to a nation occupied by a foreign power (Rome) at a time many had fallen away from the truth of God’s grace, and would refuse to see Jesus as the living Grace and Word. Are there parallels between the first century and the 21st? Are our hearts occupied not perhaps by a foreign power but by false gods that deceive us?

Such turmoil in our nation now. We hardly recognize it as ours, chaotic as it is. Be reminded this Sunday that the Kingdom of Heaven is still near, now and always. In His Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Paraclete as Jesus calls Him in Greek, the kingdom of heaven is present on this earth, in our lives, in our faith. We live in the Now, expecting God’s promise of the Not Yet, and Jesus calls us to remain faithful, to follow Him, to receive in the Now all the blessings intended for us in this time and place. Praise Him! He has won us to Him, now and forever.

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