Paradox – 7/3/2021

Paradox – 7/3/2021

Do you know what a paradox is? According to the dictionary a paradox is: a statement that seems to contradict itself but expresses an element of truth. Our lessons today concern the idea of a paradox in Christian living, a paradox of values, and a paradox of expectations.

For example this is a paradox: Make haste slowly. It is a paradox because it seems to contradict itself. How can you go quickly slowly? But even if this seems to contradict itself, there is truth in that statement because sometimes in order to accomplish something quickly, you need to go slowly.

Jesus was a paradox to the people in his time.

Jesus didn’t fit the image people had of the Messiah. They expected a mighty king after the fashion of King David. A man who would lead a mighty army, a man who would make this small nation of Israel strong and powerful. They had expected a man who would throw out the Romans, who would show them mighty signs from God as Moses did.

But they got a babe born in a stable, a carpenter’s son who for approximately 30 years didn’t even make a stir among the people. When Jesus did finally go about his ministry, he walked, he lived with outcasts, he ate with sinners, and he made enemies of the priests and the rulers.

Yes, Jesus lived the ultimate paradox.

For as Paul says: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Jesus lived the paradox and Paul understood it and wrote to his followers to follow it. God’s grace is all we need in life to get by. We don’t need wealth, fame, we don’t even fortune. All we need is God’s undeserved grace. Grace that was given by the paradox of the cross, for out of death came life.

Pastor Gary

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