Peace be with you – 4/19/2020

Peace be with you – 4/19/2020

“Peace be with you” He said.

Two Sundays in a row Jesus came to the disciples. They were afraid, behind a locked door in the upper room, and in need of reassurance and of peace in their hearts. They must have suspected their lives would not be peaceful, and so the gift of Peace in Jesus’ words surely comforted.

Our gospel message for this day is from the 20th chapter of John’s gospel, beginning at verse 19. Jesus’ word of peace is for us too – our lives these days of enforced quietude don’t necessarily lead to peaceful hearts. In our locked-in condition, or in any of the uncertainties of our lives, we need His peace. If you can, give His peace – at a safe distance – to others you know need a peaceful word of assurance.

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