Trinity Sunday! – 6/7/2020

Trinity Sunday! – 6/7/2020

Welcome to Trinity Sunday!

We were raised on the Trinity as a part of our faith, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  Jesus sends His apostles into the world to baptize in the name of the triune God (Matt.28:19). Looking into the Old Testament, God’s very Name is plural; in Genesis He refers to Himself as “we”; the Spirit hovers over the waters; Messiah is promised and not yet realized until Mary delivers the very Son of God. He promises the Holy Spirit, John 14 through 16.

Think for a moment how our faith would be incomplete without any one of the Three Persons: God the Creator, God the Son who lives and dies for the remission of sin, God the Holy Spirit who directs our attention through the Son back to the Father. That’s called – churchy words here – the economy of God, and it works because that’s who God is, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Today we’ll be reading from Genesis 1 and 2, and from Matthew 28.  And while you’ve got your Bibles open, get a look at 2 Corinthians 13:14 – Paul is the first New Testament author who blesses us in the Triune Name.

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