Where do you stand? – 2/6/2021

Where do you stand? – 2/6/2021

Where do you stand? No, don’t look down, that’s not what I meant. Where do you stand, in your faith, among other men and women? Where do you stand, in your faith, before God?

In our epistle for today Paul, writing to the church at Corinth, explains some of his approach to people of the many traditions he encounters. His purpose, given him by God Himself, is to preach the gospel to any and all. How to do that? Who to be in the face of the challenge of so many cultures and pagan religions?

From there we turn to Psalm 139. Reading that this week I realized David is writing about his place before God. In the midst of the challenges David faces – opposition from other kingdoms, opposition from within his own kingdom, his own sinful nature – David recognizes that God is a mighty God, and David is but a simple, fallen human being. If you have a moment this week, open up the Psalm and discover with David our place, in faith, before God. Turns out He is God, and we are not

May He richly bless our exploration of who He is, and who we are!


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