Will – 8/7/2021

Will – 8/7/2021

The word ‘will’ is interesting, isn’t it? It has several meanings, depending upon context. It can refer to an intention: I will do it right!  It can mean a document: Have you completed your will yet? By the way, you might think to include your church in that will…  OK, the word can also mean a desire: My will for my grandson is that he will grow to be a Christian man. Perhaps I can be a part of that.

When you reach a crossroads in your life, do you ask yourself what God’s will might be in the decision you face? I’ve never been able, searching the Scriptures, to answer for myself what God’s will might be in my earthly decisions. Seems to me that’s trying to discern God’s plan for my life, rather than His will. His plan for my decisions isn’t in the Bible – but I do believe His will can be understood.

So OK, if God’s plan for our lives isn’t plain in His Word, what might be His will? Jesus speaks plainly of God’s will for us in John 6. Let’s look at that today. And just maybe, if we realize God’s will, we can be guided in the plan for our lives as well.

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